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The Ether Works

INTRODUCING – Kimmy and Bob Spreadbough, crystalline therapy, ether channeling devises, website design, SEO technicians, blogging specialist and 3-D CAD printers.

Based upon the widely known scientific principle, certain organic materials attract positive ether energy and by sandwiching these organic crystalline materials into handcrafted cones and hand held tools, they have successfully created a powerful crystalline pyramid.

Crystal cones and hand hold buttons

Ether energy is invisible but we can see the effects it has on water, ice, clouds and heat haze.

Bob and Kimmy have a deep understanding of the therapeutic value of organic crystalline materials.

Ether Works, organic crystalline pyramids are known to have ether attracting properties and over many years, their refined method of embedding these components into each of their attractive cones has achieved noticeable success.

Many of Kimmy and Bob’s clients say, “your beautiful crystalline products, have brought a positive effect into our life, even the water, tastes better, since using the cones to structure the drinking water… read more.

To purchase a Ether cone online, visit the Souk UK shop

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