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Ether Works Update

Hello again a little information on our best sellers. Our Discs have been very popular of late because they are easy to carry around in your pocket and comfortable in an adult hand.

Our Devices contain either Pink Salt Crystals or Quartz Crystal as both are Peizoelectric i.e. the  state where electricity is produced when the crystals are squeezed.

They are set in Resin and surrounded by a copper wire Ariel. With a strong Orgonite made from powdered wool and black iron oxide.

Shungite is a unique mineral stone and has has a rare carbon fluorine molecule.

From the Shungite box:

“The interaction of water with Shungite’s carbon globules gives it truly unique properties. Shungite possesses bipolar qualities which allow it to blend with both organic and inorganic components. Thus, Shungite provides exceptional quality of water purification”

Structured water also has a negative charge, so when we drink structured water, it will try to pull heavy metals out of our system.

So we add Shungite to our devices. To find out more or purchase a Device > Go to The Souk

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