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Author: Bob Haywood

Founder and visionary behind, hand crafted – London 1950.

I’v spent most of the last four decades working with creative people in many of the traditional handcraft industries in the UK, Europe and northern India, working with them in workshops, studios, factories and small rural communities

Central to my efforts then and today has been the preservation of creative peoples traditional skills and knowhow, whilst helping them meet the product quality and service standards expected by mail order customers and small retailers.

Possible one of my greatest pleasures has been being able to personally represent some of these amazing artisans, throughout the world as agent, wholesale importer and internet retailer.

Whilst most of my life has been spent working with, woods, fabric, paints, resins, plasters, ceramics, nonferrous metals, paper and print; since being introduced to my first computer and spreadsheet in 1983 and online mail order website in 2003, I have come to understand and gain considerable knowledge of internet advertising and retailing, which I have been able to bring to and build into


Blossom Arnold, freelance model, upcycling fashion one-offs retailer, eclectic posters and card designer, occasional manga comics