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Hand Hold Devices

Our Hand Hold Ether Energy Devices are made from the same recipes that we successfully use in our crystal cones.

These are for holding and carrying in pockets and bags. They have a protective effect from Electromagnetic Frequencies, such as Wi-Fi.

This is based on Willhelm Reichs work where he discovered by sandwiching organic, crystalline, organic, crystalline materials.

The Ether would be attracted to the organic and reflected by the crystalline thus accumulating.

The Ether also known as Prana, Chi, Orgone , Zero-point and many other names.
The Ether is all around us, it is an energy that flows through all things, it accumulates around all organic plants and creatures and ourselves.
The Ether is the breath of the earth, it is a life seeking energy that heals our bodies.
Ancient cultures knew about the Ether and how to use it.
The Ether is invisible but we can see the effects it has on water, ice, clouds and heat haze.
The Ether is a ‘field’ that connects everything to everything.
The Ether attracts Ether.
The Ether is Omnipresent.

The Ether connects your mind to this reality.

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